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Glow in the dark Dance party


  • 2 Hour TOTALLY PRIVATE Party (No Open Play During Your Party) all led by your very own Ambassador of Fun dedicated to your party the entire 2 hours to lead, play and create  "PRICELESS Memory Moments"
  • Romp n Stomp Keepsake Birthday T-Shirt for the Guest of Honor signed by all the guests 
  • Birthday Throne for Guest of Honor to sit in while opening presents facilitated by your Ambassador of Fun including a present list made for you, to assist you in your thank you cards
  • High energy music that Kid's love and Mom's approve!
  • Glitter Temporary Tattoo's per child
  • Glow Necklace and Bracelet for each child
  • Dancing under black lights
  • Eyeclick Virtual Playground - Life size motion-activated games that kids play with their whole body - NO TOKENS REQUIRED!
  • 1 complimentary ride in the Hurricane Simulator for the Guest of Honor
  • Private use on our GIGANTIC Inflatables. We strive to keep the kids safe. Our party staff will route playtime on the inflatables to ensure they have loads of fun during the party.
  • Paper products included
  • 1 Large Slice of Cheese Pizza per child
  • Bottomless Drink per child
  • Sing "Happy Birthday" followed by decorating cupcake (per child) with candy toppings. (Candle included.)
  • Birthday child "Spins to Win" a special gift from Romp n Stomp 

$369 for up to 10 children (9 children and 1 Birthday Child)

$  20 Additional Child Guests (Only children counts - Adults are FREE)

$  20 Additional Birthday child

​Invite the whole class and pay for who attends! All we need is how many children you invited and we will plan the party from there!